Vice Chair Person Message(Mrs. Sunil Lata Singh)

Education aims at all round development of a child , that is physical, mental and spiritual. At Indra Prastha Public School, we are trying our best to develop our students into successful and best future citizens of India which will be fruitful to our society as well as our nation. We believe in famous saying: Not gold, but men makes a nation great and strong, Men, who for truth and honour's sake, stand fast and suffer long. We want to imbibe spirit of discipline, dedication and determination in students. People help us a lot by their suggestions and we have included Psychologists, Speech therapists, educationists and sports specialists to make us successful in our mission.

Manager View(Sh. Prem Singh)

All though the whole world has reached at the peak of technological progress but still we need to pay attention towards moral values. Our school aims at making students realize the importance of moral values and absorb them and make them an essential part of our life. We want all round development of students, so that we will have ideal citizens in future. Our strive towards progress, prosperity and patriotic spirit will certainly help us to contribute in the progress of our nation.

Principal Pen

Pluto a great educationist and philosopher said" A child's mind is tabula rasa (clean slate)". We,at IndraPrastha Public School want to mould the minds of our students in such a way that all creative, positive and innovative ideas fill their mind. We want to ignite the minds of students in such a way that, they become good human being , good professional and follow all the code of conducts. We want to lead our students towards a life, where they are always perfect. Schools are just like factories, as a factory wants to develop best product, we want to make best human being, who would bring laurels to our country. May God give us strength to fulfill our mission.